About us

ThinkTank Pods is in the business of making employees, workers, staff more happier and address the noise and privacy issues experienced during lockdown/work from home and open plan environments.

ThinkTank Pods are designed by our Sydney team from start to end, and we provide a customer-cantered approach to meeting our clients goals. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive office pods that have put is in a realm above and beyond our competitors.

Here are some points that make us different:

  • Our company has been built to address the current issues surrounding noise and working from loud home environments.
  • We understand that there are unique working cultures and our vision is to embrace those requirements by ensuring employees have the resources/rooms available for optimal performance.
  • Our products are delivered to customers FREE of charge
  • Our products meet Australian compliance requirements and have been tested to ensure quality standards.
  • We offer consumer guarantees in accordance with Australian Consumer Laws + additional warranties to meet customer expectations.